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Webinar Recordings

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  1. NEW! 7/11/17 Content Collection Management, Transcript- Content Collection Management Webinar
  2. 7/3/17 Course Reports, Transcript- Course Reports Webinar
  3. 6/20/17 Extra Credit, Transcript- Extra Credit Webinar
  4. 6/14/17 Goals and Goal Reports, Transcript- Goals and Goal Reports Webinar
  5. 6/8/17 Adaptive Release, Transcript- Adaptive Release Webinar
  6. 5/31/17 Accessibility Tips (recording), Accessibility Tips Slides
  7. 5/23/17 Detailed Gradebook Configuration Report, Transcript- Detailed Gradebook Configuration Report Webinar
  8. 4/6/17 Final Grade Calculation Check. Checklist: End-of-Term or Final Grade Calculation Check UPDATED 4/6/17
  9. 3/23/17 Creating and Using Rubrics. Resources are referenced in the recording.
  10. 3/7/17 Creating Discussion Forums. Resources are referenced in recording.
  11. 2/14/17 Test Pools, Questions Sets and Random Blocks. Resources are referenced in recording.
  12. 1/26/17 Creating Retention Center Rules. Resources are referenced in recording.
  13. 1/12/17 New Grade Center Setup, Handouts: go to Guides & Tutorials tab, look for "PRINTABLES" section on the right
  14. 11/17/16 End-of-Term Preparation, Handout: End-of-Term Preparation Checklist
  15. 11/1/16 Retention Center: Emails and Notes, Handout: Retention Center: Tracking Student Interaction (updated PDF)
  16. 7/20/16 Retention Center Customization & Communication,  Handout: Retention Center: Tracking Student Interaction
  17. 6/29/16 Tips & Tricks for Managing Your Course 
  18. 6/22/16 Turnitin Feedback Studio More resource links in bottom right corner of webinar screen 
  19. 6/16/16 Grade Center Health Check, Handout: Existing Grade Center Checklist
  20. 3/9/16 Advanced Grade Center
  21. 3/3/16 Retention Center, Performance Dashboard, Course Reports
  22. 1/27/16 Date Management & Calendar
  23. 11/16/15 Discussions, Journals, Blogs & Wikis
  24. 10/14/15 Adding Content
  25. 10/6/15 Creating Assignments
  26. 10/6/15 Creating/Editing Tests

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