State Approval Regulations for Distance Education (Program Integrity)
Sunday, June 24, 2018

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State Authorization – Proposed Regulatory Language from Department of Education - 04/21/14 (**NEW**)
SHEEO State Authorization of Postsecondary Education - 05/01/2013
SHEEO State Authorization Survey and Survey and Reports - 05/01/2013
USDOE Will Not Enforce Its Distance Ed State Authorization Regulations - 07/30/12 
Court Deals Second Blow to Federal State Authorization Regulation
- 06/06/2012
It’s Coming: The Next Higher Education Act Reauthorization - 05/23/2012
10 Steps You Can Take to Begin the State Authorization Process - 5/17/2012
WCET Blog about House Vote on State Authorization - 02/29/2012
Ignoring state authorization? How long can you tread water? 
- 11/21/2011
Fraud in Student Financial Aid involving Distance Education Programs - 10/20/2011
No ‘Deus Ex Machina’ on State Authorization - 09/22/2011 (web link) 
SHEEO State Authorization Inventory 09/6/2011(web link)
“What are Institutions Doing (or NOT doing) about State Authorization?” Webcast archive and resources - 8/25/2011
“State Regulation & Distance Learning-Where Are We Now?” Webinar by Eduventures Audio/Slides - 8/16/2011
Further Clarification about Federal Complaint Process Requirement 08/10/2011 (web link)
Federal Student Complaint Regulation – Clarifying Misconceptions 07/19/2011(web link)
USDOE Appeals State Authorization Ruling (pdf file)
Court "Vacates" Distance Ed Portion of State Authorization Regulation (web link)
News Article from The Chronicle of Higher Education, Colleges Are Slow to Seek Authorization ... (August 18, 2011 - web link)
News Article from Inside Higher Ed, Cutting Their Losses. Many Colleges plan to abandon certain states....
 (August 18, 2011 - web link)
Further Clarification about Federal Complaint Process Requirement  (July 19, 2011)
Court Vacates Distance Education Portion of State Authorization   (July 12, 2011)
Senators Nelson and Burr Introduce Legislation to Repeal Dept of Ed Regulations - 6/30/2011
As Costs of New Rule Are Felt, Colleges Rethink Online Course Offerings in Other States
Note: Subscription required to view this article - 7/1/2011
Crossing state lines gets tougher for colleges, universities - 6/18/2011
House Panel Votes to Repeal ‘Credit Hour’ and ‘State Authorization’ Rules - 6/15/2011
WCET Blog - State Regulators Work to Clarify Regulations for Distance Education Providers - 6/9/2011
UWG Blog for USG Institution Discussion on the DE Regulations by State - 6/2/2011
WCET Blog - Now is Not the Time to Relax (or Even to Panic) - 5/25/2011
WCET Blog - State Authorization Timeline Clarification and New Resources - 5/24/2011
SHEEO State Authorization Resources and Directory - 5/20/2011
WCET Blog - State Approval: SHEEO, NCHEMS, & NASASPS are Here to Help - 5/5/2011
WCET Blog - 2010 Federal Regulations on State Approval of Out-of-State Providers - 4/27/2011
State Approval Regulations for Distance Education:  A Starter List, Revised
   (April 22, 2011) - A partnership of WCET, SREB, ADEC, and the University of Wyoming (pdf)
Georgia NonPublic Postsecondary Education Commission (web link)
State Links to Complaint Process - State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO - web link)
State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO) - Process for Developing Directory of State Regulators (April 21, 2011 - pdf)
State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO) - State Authorization Resources and Directory (April 15, 2011 - web link)
State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO) - Create Comprehensive, Authoritative Directory of State Laws and Regulations Authorizing Institution of Higher Education to Provide Instruction (April 15, 2011 - pdf)
Dear Colleague (second letter AMENDED):  DCL:  GEN-11-11 AMENDED (May 6, 2011) - United States Department of Education (pdf)
One of the specific issues addressed in DCL GEN-11-05 was State authorization in the context of distance education, including correspondence study and online learning. Under the State authorization regulations, a student that is enrolled in an educational program offered by an institution cannot use Title IV, HEA program funds for that program if the institution the student is attending does not have State authorization in the State in which the student is located while receiving instruction.
Dear Colleague (second letter):  DCL ID:  GEN 11-11 (April 20, 2011) - United States Department of Education (pdf)
State Approval: USDOE Issues Second ‘Dear Colleague’ Letter - 4/20/2011
Dear Colleague (first letter):  DCL:  GEN-11-05 (March 17, 2011) - United States Department of Education (pdf)
Electronic Code of Federal Regulation (Current as of April 26, 2011) - View Printed Federal Register page 75 FR 66946 in PDF format
Federal Register (October 2010 - pdf) 
Instructional Technology Council update on Representative Fox's legislation to bar DE regulation implementation  (web link)
H.R. 2117 Introduced to Repeal Credit Hour & Distance Learning Rules (pdf)
Clarifying New Federal Regulations on State Authorization of Distance Education (webinar)
Fred Sellers, Senior Policy Analyst for the DOE.
Georgia NonPublic Postsecondary Education Commission
WCET State Approval/Licensure Agencies
University System of Georgia Distance Education Regulations (web link)
Oregon State University - State Approval Regulations for Distance Education (web link)
Instructional Technology Council (ITC):  State Authorization for Institutions Offering Distance Education to Out-of-State Students  (ITC - web link)
WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET) Federal regulations for Out-of-State Providers (WCET - web link)
WCET Learn, Russ Poulin, Deputy Director, Research & Analysis Blog (Blog Post)

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