Tuesday, April 28, 2015


• If you already have an ANGEL account, you will use your same username and password that you set previously.

• If you are new to ANGEL, your username and password are as follows:

username: 48_900xxxxxx (your 900#)
password: 48_900xxxxxx (your 900#)

• If you have any problems logging in, please email online@wiregrass.edu or call one of our offices: 229-468-2022 or 229-245-2462.

There are no restrictions or requirements for your new password. Set it to something secure but simple.

You may watch a video demonstration on How-To Login to ANGEL

Email: online@wiregrass.edu

Online math courses are taken through MyLabsPlus. Click here for more information.

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grade - Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wednesday, March 18, is the last day to withdraw from your courses. Know your academic standing in your class and make the best decision for you. If you cannot determine your grade, ask your instructor.

mccall - Friday, January 16, 2015
To get to a virtual room, go to the Virtual Rooms tab to select the room of your choice.
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technical - Thursday, January 15, 2015

You should see content in your courses and be well underway. If you need assistance with ANGEL, please email online@wiregrass.edu.

welcome - Wednesday, January 07, 2015


Spring Semester begins Thursday, January 8, 2015. You will be able to access your courses on Thursday, January 8.

Make sure that you get off to a good start. Complete the Before You Begin Checklist (Tips for Success in Your Online Course). This document guides you step by step through the process for making sure that you and your computer are ready for online courses.

Some online courses require special hardware and software or have other special requirements like on-campus meetings. Make sure that you have all courses requirements by looking up your course in this list: COURSE REQUIREMENTS.

If you are enrolled in an online course, you are required to complete the Distance Education Orientation. This is not the general college orientation. This is for online students. You only need to complete the Distance Education Orientation one time during your time at Wiregrass. If you have previously taken the Distance Education Orientation, you do not have to take it again. If you do not see the Distance Education Orientation in your course list and you have not yet completed it, please email online@wiregrass.edu to be added to the Distance Education Orientation course. Be sure to include your 900#.

Again, welcome. If you need assistance with ANGEL or your online course, please email online@wiregrass.edu or call one of our offices (229-245-6554 or 229-468-2022).

confirm - Tuesday, May 20, 2014

You must CONFIRM PARTICIPATION during the first three days of the term. To confirm participation, click on the Lessons tab and complete the Confirm Course Participation survey. You have unlimited attempts to complete the survey, and you can save your responses and resume later. You must complete the survey, acknowledging and agreeing to all items, to remain in the course. If you do not agree with any of the items, a traditional, on-campus class is a better option for you.

Contact your instructor if you have any questions regarding the items on the Confirm Course Participation survey.

grad - Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Are You Taking an Online Course Next Term? - Monday, April 21, 2014

Are You Taking an Online Course Next Term?

Make sure that you have the hardware and software needed for your course. Also, some courses have special requirements. Check it out here:


ANGEL Secure Browser - Monday, January 27, 2014

ANGEL Secure Browser

ANGEL Secure Browser works with PC’s (not Apples) using Internet Explorer. Apple computers and other browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) will not work. ​

Click here for instructions: ANGEL Secure Browser Instructions

Distance Education Virtual Office is Now Open! - Monday, February 25, 2013

Neep help? Have a question?

The Distance Education Helpdesk is monitored seven days a week.

You can email, call, or enter the virtual office for assistance.

The Distance Education Virtual Office is currently OPEN.  Please email online@wiregrass.edu for assistance when virtual office is closed.

Internet Explorer - Friday, January 31, 2014
Are you having trouble with email or discussion boards through Internet Explorer?

If you are unable to type in the comment or text box (called the “HTML Editor”) in ANGEL discussion forums, drop boxes, mail messages, etc., it is probably caused by your browser. The Firefox browser has had the fewest reported problems, so try switching to that first. If it doesn’t work, or you were already using Firefox, follow the steps below, in the order given.

1. For all browsers, try clearing the cache first (instructions: Clearing Cache to Enable HTML Editor). If the HTML Editor still doesn’t work, try each browser below, starting with Firefox. Note: these four browsers are the only ones that are fully compatible with ANGEL.

2. Firefox: Disable any extra toolbars like Yahoo, Ask, Bing, AVG, Google (the actual toolbar, not the search field), Norton, Amazon, etc. If you have several toolbars, disable them one at a time and check the Editor after each one.

3. Google Chrome: if you have installed the Evernote Web Clipper 6.0 extension, disable it. Previous versions of the Clipper have not reported any problems.

4. Internet Explorer: turn on Compatibility Mode.

a. In IE version 9 and earlier, click on the compatibility icon in the navigation bar until it turns a solid color. (The icon looks like a page torn across the middle.)

b. In IE 10 or 11, click on Tools, Compatibility View Settings, and add your college's angellearning.com website.

5. Safari: Clear the cache (both PC and Mac)


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