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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Student Responsibilities

Adhere to the test proctoring policies and procedures provided by the instructor of the course.

Access the GVTC Website to obtain a list of the approved proctors for the TCSG colleges.

Make arrangements with the test proctor who will administer the exam during school hours.

Provide the instructor of the course with the Proctor Approval Form if the test proctor is not an employee of the TCSG colleges.

Pay any fees associated with having the test proctored

Arrive for the exam at the pre-arrange scheduled time. Test must be scheduled to coincide with school hours.

Bring a photo-ID to the test site to verify your identity.

Bring pencils and/or pens to the testing site if the exam is not available online.

Obtain directions to the testing site.

Notify the instructor and test proctor prior to the pre-arranged exam time if you have to cancel the exam arrangements.

Contact your college's Office of Disability Services if you require special testing accomodations.

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