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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Technical College Identifiers

CollegeSorted By College In Ascending OrderTwo Digit IdentifierUsername Example
Albany Technical College2020_9000XXXXX
Altamaha Technical College2121_9000XXXXX
Athens Technical College2222_9000XXXXX
Atlanta Technical College2323_9000XXXXX
Augusta Technical College2424_9000XXXXX
Central GA Technical College3535_9000XXXXX
Chattahoochee Technical College2727_9000XXXXX
Columbus Technical College2828_9000XXXXX
DeKalb Technical College3030_9000XXXXX
Georgia Northwestern Technical College2929_9000XXXXX
Gwinnett Technical College 3232_9000XXXXX
Heart of GA Technical College3333_9000XXXXX
Lanier Technical College3434_9000XXXXX
Middle GA Technical College3636_9000XXXXX
Moultrie Technical College3737_9000XXXXX
North GA Technical College3838_9000XXXXX
Ogeechee Technical College4444_9000XXXXX
Okefenokee Technical College1818_9000XXXXX
Sandersville Technical College1717_9000XXXXX
Savannah Technical College1717_9000XXXXX
South GA Technical College4242_9000XXXXX
Southeastern Technical College4343_9000XXXXX
Southern Crescent Technical College3131_9000XXXXX
Southwest GA Technical College4646_9000XXXXX
West GA Technical College 2626_9000XXXXX
Wiregrass Georgia Technical College4848_9000XXXXX

Technical College System of Georgia
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